What I do if I were free to do anything:

I wouldn’t shave my legs or wax my eyebrows
i would have an RV and drive around anywhere without an agenda
i would wear comfortable clothes that didn’t hide parts of my features that are unattractive
I would wear weird clothes
I would not wear shoes whenever possible
I would never wear socks
I would not wear bras
I would not wear underwear
I would encourage my children learn about whatever interest them instead of what is expected of them at their particular age
I would swear a lot more
I would jog
I would dance in public more
i would dance at home more
i would cook different foods
i would paint and draw even though I have no talent
i would rap even though I have no talent
I would get dual citizenship in Ghana
I would get a tattoo
I would have another child
I would dinner parties with homeless people
I would speak without always worrying about how other people are perceiving what I am saying
I would do political consulting for the Republican party
I would take my children to social protest like in Ferguson, MO
I would get an apartment in Paris
I would buy a cabin in the woods
I wouldn’t take any medicine
I would spend sunny days outside playing with my children
I would play physical games with my children
I would become an astrophysicist
I would way more wild and crazy sex
I would write something everyday
I would never feel guilty about food
I would drive whatever speed limit felt right to me

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