January 14, 2016

Dear Chicago:

Sometimes it is important to let the people that you love, know that you love them.  It is with that spirit that I write this love letter to one of my true loves, Chicago.

I like, Illinois.

Central and Southern Illinois, heh, they are alright.

But I really love Chicago and the immediate Chicagoland area(Cook County to be specific.)

I don’t ever want to live anywhere else. I plan on this being my home forever and I hope my children want to stay and raise their families here as well.


I want the best for our state. I want the best for our residents. All of them. Every politician that runs for office, I judge with the same stick: Will they take care of the city that I love and my fellow residents whom I mostly love too? (We have a few unlovable residents and we all know who they are)

Chicago is a special, weird, wonderful city. We’ve survived when other Midwestern cities did not. In fact, we did more than survive, in many cases, we thrived. We have some of the most talented, most intelligent, and most creative people in the world! We are the birthplace of skyscraper architecture, community organizing, social work, improv comedy, and deep dish pizza.

We have sent THREE Black people to the US Senate and the only Black woman. There have only been 7 Black senators elected nationwide since reconstruction! Also, the first elected Black congressman since reconstruction came from Chicago too, Oscar DePriest. He later got indicted on some corruption charges which is, unfortunately, very consistent with many Chicago politicians. But still, we elected the first Black person to Congress since the Civil War. Not to mention Chicago has as residents of her great city: Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson Sr. , Louis Farrakhan, Michael Jordan, Mellody Hobson-Lucas, AND the first Black President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama. (I didn’t add Jesse Jackson Jr., because, you know, he is currently in jail and stuff. But he was super powerful in the House of Representatives)

Municipal elections are coming up and there will be a lot of options for people to choose from. I hope that if you also love Chicago and want us to continue to grow as an international city, that you get involved, find someone you like, volunteer on their campaign, and vote.

Also, we all need to pray and/or send positive energy and/or cross our fingers that one of our Chicago teams will be worth a damn. All real Chicagoans were embarrassed and depressed by the terrible Chicago Bears season. But our city is awesome, and by God, one of our teams better do something big! Chicago Fire, Chicago Sky, DePaul basketball, someone, anyone, win something national!

In closing, Chicago is wonderful and has been a blessing to the rest of the country.

You’re welcome America.


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