Dear bigots:

I would like to ask you for a favor. I am wondering if you and the Chicagoland area bigots would go back into hiding? I know Chicago, historically, has had our fair share our racial fights and violence (I’m looking at you, Cicero and Marquette Park), but after Harold Washington, overt racism kind of went underground. And, it wasn’t like racists couldn’t be racists, I mean, look at our prisons, housing, schools, and virtually every other system of government. But, racists couldn’t be “go back to Africa” racists; rather, they were, “no more than 3 of you the corner or you go to jail” racists.

And I, and I think a lot of other Blacks and Jews in Chicago, am much more comfortable dealing with racism that is institutional, systemic, and implicit, rather than people writing “Nigger” and “swastikas” on the walls at local high schools, or wearing blackface in banana, Bob Marley suits.

I left the south for a reason. I prefer my racism hidden and indirect.

Can we go back to that 2008 race behavior? Because systemic racism is all I have the energy to work on.

Seriously, can yall move to Indiana? There are tons of overt bigots there PLUS I heard they have lower taxes. Kentucky is not that far away either.

But please leave the Chicagoland area. I would like to pretend we have some symbolism of racial progress in my community because it is clear that we have none in our country.

Please and thank you for taking my request under consideration.


A Very Tired Black Woman

#satire #sortof #racismisexhausting

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