I, like so many, can’t help but worry about the instability in the world and full of worry about impending wars and nuclear attacks. Thanks, Social Media.

But then, I remembered one of the most powerful parts of the Christmas story: The arrival of the heavenly hosts (God’s Military). 

This was my reflection from last year, but, it offers me some much needed hope in the power of God. 

Merry Christmas and remember Trump, Putin, ISIS, Boko Horum, aren’t the only people with a powerful military. 

“Reflections on an army of heavenly Hosts/Angels:

One of the coolest things I’ve learned since I became obsessed with Mary’s story, is the story of when the Angels appeared in the sky to the shepherds.

There are TONS of Christmas songs that talk about, “heavenly hosts.” But I never knew what that meant! What the heck is “a heavenly host?” God’s waitresses? I assumed it meant lot of angels appeared. 

But the term “host” comes from a Greek word. The translation for “host” from the Greek word,”stratia” means “an army.” 

So God sent an army of angels to fill the sky to announce the birth of Jesus Christ to lowly shepherds. Why is that important? Because the Roman Empire had the most powerful, most feared, military in the world ! And the Jewish people were mostly poor, farmers, fisherman, and shepherds, who were powerless to the power of Rome and the excessive taxation and exploitation of King Herod. Who ironically, was named “King of the Jews,” by the Roman Political ruling class. 

So if you are a poor, exploited community against the most powerful military and puppet representative(Trump, I mean, Herod) for you, you could image how lost and hopeless they felt. 

Which is why, to me, the nativity scene is important, but so is the whole sky of army/military Angels for God! Perhaps I’ve seen too many, “Lord of The Ring” movies, but I can’t help but have an image of good and bad armies, getting ready for a showdown! Yet, It would be an army created by God!!! How cool of an image is that?!???!!

God was letting those lowly shepherds know, “do not be afraid” do not worry about Rome and their military. Check out my army!

I pray that when you feel overwhelmed and/or powerless with world, you bring up the image of “heavenly gist.” And now, that we serve a God, more powerful than any army!

Good night and love to you all!”

“Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” (Luke 2:13-14 NIV)

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