One of my favorite religious experiences in church as a child was communion. I loved being able to drink out of the little cups and eat my lil’ cookie. It was like snack time during church service.

However, my experience with the Communion ritual of drinking the blood of Christ became real to me during Easter of 2012. Because I had Hyperemesis gravidarum during my pregnancy, I couldn’t eat or drink. I had to have all my nutrients through a PICC line. The PICC line was inserted in a vein in my arm that connected directly to my heart.

During that Easter weekend, while I was 5 months pregnant with Maya, I had a staph infection that caused my body to go into septic shock. My temperature was almost 107, the doctors were worried that I could die, my baby could die, or both. During the chaos, I remember my seeing my very scared husband, and all of the doctors, meeting in the room trying to decide on the safest, yet most effective treatment option.

It was at during this chaos that I realized that what was going on, was that a “blood problem.” I had a blood problem during Easter. Y’all, a peace that can only come from God came over me. I was at total peace. I had a blood infection and it was Easter. I had a blood infection and it was Easter! It was at the moment, that all my memories of communion gave me joy. I was covered because I had the blood of Jesus running through my veins! A blood infection during Easter? Boy, if the devil was trying to scare me, he sure mixed up his times! A blood infection during Easter! I am a child of God, who monthly drank the blood of Jesus! Jesus said, “Drink from it, all of you. This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. ”

I am sucking at Lent, as I do every year. I’ve failed at giving up sugar. I’ve failed at praying every day. I’ve failed at reducing Facebook time. But, lucky for me, Easter and Lent is more than just what I attempt to give up. It is about growing closer to God, by whatever means I can. Easter is about the covenant, between Jesus and I. His blood runs through my blood. Because of His sacrifice, I am saved.

Happy Easter to all and remember we are ALL SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST!

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