Dear parents of school-age children:

Please don’t be so hard on yourself if “e-learning” at home is hard for you. Teaching is a profession, where folks go to school, shadow other teachers and get continued training each year.

Teachers are educated professionals who spend an inordinate amount of time, energy, sweat, blood and tears crafting their art.

WE, PARENTS, CAN’T EXPECT TO BE AS COMPETENT AS A TEACHER—IN TWO DAYS—WHILE ALSO PREPARING FOR A NATIONAL PANDEMIC.We, parents, can’t expect to be as competent as a teacher—in two days—while also preparing for a national pandemic.

Give yourself a hug.
Give yourself a break.

Seriously, drop your expectations of what you can teach your child during this break.

Teaching is hard.
Good teaching is really hard and takes practice.
Great teachers are angels from God, in addition to the other things.

Basically, give yourself a break. I’m sending you a virtual hug. We are all figuring this out.


Even though I know it’s unfair and a crazy expectation to ask of teachers, I’m certain that teachers in America will create some miracle systems to help get us through this time. It feels like too much to ask that teachers add learning how to “e-teach” on top of all they’ve already done to master state and national standards, but we are asking that.

And because they are teachers, and they are used to making the impossible happen with very little preparation, training or money, for our students, I bet they’re going to make it happen. Already. about 70,000 people have joined a public Facebook group called Teaching During COVID-19.

Remember, teachers were given little time to prepare as well.  They’re doing the best they can, too.

For this first week, let’s keep our expectations low. We are not teachers and it’s almost impossible to become a teacher over the weekend.

Be kind to yourself and try and laugh through the craziness of this situation. I promise next week will be better.

Hugs and love to you all!


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