An Inconvenient Truth: There is Racism and White Supremacy in NPOs, too

If you are giving money to organizations to help Black folks and support Black liberation; that isn’t run by Black folks, you are not doing anti-racist work.

Racism isn’t solved by funding nonprofit organizations that are run and controlled by White folks.

If we are “defunding police institutions” what are we funding instead?

How many Black people are leading these organizations?

What is the success record of these organizations in liberating Black folks?

It doesn’t help to “free Black people” to take money from one group of White people controlling us (criminal justice system) and give it to another group of White people (nonprofit organizations) who are/will control and decide our (Black folks) liberation strategies.

I don’t care that Michael Jordan is giving $100 million to fight racial inequality.

I care WHICH ORGANIZATIONS are Michael Jordan is giving $100 million to fight racial inequality.

Yes, we need to defund police.

Also, we need to defund NPO that are overwhelmingly White, while they “serving” overwhelming Black folks.

WE need to decolonize NPO and NGOs too.

We can’t eradicate racism if we can’t be honest about what, who, and where racism is in power.

I refuse to lie or comfort white folks anymore. Before you donate to an organization to “help or support” #BlackLivesMatter, look at the racial makeup of the senior staff and board of directors.

Black folks are capable of leading ourselves.

In the words of my Disabled Advocates:

“Nothing about us,

without us,

is FOR us.”


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