Written July 3rd, 2016

I love my family. We are an eclectic mix of folks. Mostly good, sometimes bad, with a few really bad apples thrown in. But, flaws and all, I unapologetically, unconditionally love my family.

Is there stuff we need to work on? Yes.

Am I still holding some grudges? Yes.

Are there people I avoid talking to at family events because I believe they are batshit crazy and/or drunk? Yes.

Are there certain family members that I have to hide my purse and checkbook when they come to my house because they steal? Yes.

Is there sexual abuse in my family? Yes.

Is there domestic abuse in my family? Yes.

Are there doctors, lawyers, artists, entrepreneurs, business executives, and countless other successful professionals in my family? Yes.

Are there some people in my family that are in jail and/or have been jail? Yes.

Do certain members in my family get treated waaaayyy better than others? Yes.

Do certain members in my family get mistreated and talk down to, no matter how hard they try to prove their goodness? Yes.

Does any of the above-mentioned facts change the reality that those people are my relatives, we are family, and that I love them? No.

America is like my family; America is my home. America is the only home I’ve ever known.

America: Full of flaws, wonderfulness, a few evil members people try and pretend don’t exist, good times, bad times, unfairness, crazy positive social progression, and TONS of family members/Americans that don’t get along.

America is still my country.
Americans are my family.
And, I am unapologetic in my unconditional love for this crazy place and crazy people!

Happy birthday, America, and my American family!

Y’all know thanksgiving is going be CRAZY this year! No matter who wins!

After some fighting, yelling, drinking, and praying, we will work it out together. We have no choice; we are family.

P.s. Just in case it wasn’t clear, Donald Trump is the batshit crazy relative and his supporters are probably drunk. 😄

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