White people: yes, we technically stole, looted, maimed, murdered, and exploited millions of African and Native Americans to establish the United States of America. 

And, yes, technically the folks who did the stealing, looting, murder, and exploitation, wrote the constitution and our American system of laws. 

And, yes, all of our wealth is built off the theft, exploitation, and murder of you and your ancestors. 

And, yes, our museums proudly display all that we looted from other countries. 

But, you Black/Brown folks, should forget about the actions of creators of the “American legal system” and focus on their imagined dreams (all men created equal), and follow the rules they created, that harmed you and benefited them. 

The “right way for Black and Brown folks to get justice” is by obeying a system created by the thieves, murderers, rapists, and exploiters of your ancestors. 

“Trust in the system and obey its laws” is the “right path” of liberation for Black and Brown folks. 

Looting (best buy and stores downtown) is bad and unacceptable. But the looting that happened in Iraq and Afghanistan is okay. 

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One thought on “White American’s “Logic” on Crime and Looting”

  1. I honestly could do w/o the looting, particularly, but not exclusively, of small businesses owned by people who’s ancestors immigrated centuries after abolition & had nothing to do with slavery any more than anyone alive does. Is anyone gonna pretend that its only businesses owned by white people that are being looted and burned to the ground?

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