re: domestic violence (trigger warning)

Why I am terrified:

Black folks have been in an abusive: physically, mentally, and emotional relationship with America for 400 years, and Donald Trump, specifically, for 4 years. If you know anything about domestic violence, you know why we, well, me (I can’t speak for all Black folks), are not really celebrating.

We have been physically and verbally abused for 4 years, and after our plea to the legal system to protect us, we get this half-ass victory.It took the American legal system 4-days to give us a verdict that we are granted a restraining order from our abuser. And it barely passed.

Also: 1) The restraining order doesn’t go into effect in January. So, yes, technically, our abuser was told, legally, to stop abusing us. But we know that our abuser, and our abuser’s supporters, have completely ignored the legal system before.

2) Further, we know that anger only makes our abuser MORE violent and dangerous, so we are terrified of what they might do— because they are capable of anything. Including murder.

The most dangerous time for domestic violence survivors is after they have left their abusers.

That is when most abusers kill their partners.

So, excuse me if I am not happy.

It is not over until Trump is in jail.

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