The 2nd most offensive to White folks is when they are called a White Supremacist (1st word is being called a racist). But many White folks get mad but don’t know what “white supremacist” means.

So, I’ll help: White Supremacist believes that White culture (western culture/traditions/theories/clothes/looks/religion etc.) is better than other cultures.

These are common examples of White Supremacist culture:

-saying William Shakespeare is THE BEST WRITER of all time

-or Plato or Aristotle THE BEST PHILOSOPHERS of all time;

-or Gwenyth Paltrow is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL person of all time

-or the Founding Fathers of America and Constitution is THE BEST STYLE OF GOVERNMENT OF ALL TIME,

-or Elvis Presley was THE BEST POP ARTIST OF ALL TIME, etc., etc., etc.

Basically, White Supremacy makes whiteness and/or western civilization not only the norm; but the standard that every other group should aim to reach because White culture is supreme (better than the others) Again, White Supremacist believes that White culture is supreme to all other cultures.

Now, when someone calls you, or someone else (it can be a non-White person also) a White Supremacist, ask yourself are you saying that something subjective (like literature, art, USA is the greatest country of all time, the “correct way” to talk, walk, dress, dance) is the best, and that other groups should emulate Whiteness? If so, you are a White Supremacist. Calling someone the name (a white supremacist) bites stronger than the actual definition of white supremacy.

Once we know the definition, we see that we are all, in America, at least a little White Supremacist. I hope this helps!

in solidarity to eradicate racism,


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