When DMX was 14 years old, one of his “big brother/mentors,” the person who introduced him to rap music, the person he trusted most in his life, tricked him and introduced him to the drug crack cocaine that ultimately took his life.

Unbeknownst to DMX, this adult man gave a 14-year-old boy a joint laced with crack cocaine. He told him it was just marijuana. DMX cried once one retelling this story because he realized how evil it was for an adult, especially an adult that he trusted, to give him, then a child, crack cocaine. He says a lot of his addiction has to do with the actual drug, and another part of the addiction is the betrayal and trauma that he experienced at 14.

To honor the spirit of DMX, let’s vow to watch, love, and protect ALL our Black boys. Especially the ones who look “hard” or like “thugs.” They are not men; they are children.

There are many damaged teenage Black boys just like DMX, who are looking for connections and love. Some of them will find love, but too many of them will find predators like the one who gave crack to a 14-year-old DMX. We have to protect our Black boys from all the dangers they face, including predatorial adults.

I pray his soul is free and that he finally can rest in peace. DMX, you were one of the best. I am sorry no protected you as a child and you were unable to heal from that trauma.


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