One of my first thoughts after watching the murder of Adam Toledo was I could tell how bad the police officer felt. It was evident that he made a mistake and was traumatized. I hope we can give all the folks who commit murder the same sympathy and understanding.

Many folks in prison now for murder, who, like the officer who killed Adam Toledo, had the exact same reaction, feeling, and realization, that they did something terribly wrong. They are still in prison.

It is the power of white privilege to see the humanity in white people; while simultaneously calling non-white folks animals for the same actions. If White people can see and understand the humanity of a person committing a heinous murder of a child (this police officer), then they should understand why our criminal justice system is fundamentally flawed.

To be clear, I believe the police officer is a murderer and should be held accountable for his actions. But I also know there are literally millions of Black and Brown folks in prison, murderers, who have made the exact same mistake and get none of the sympathy or understanding. I want to abolish prisons and policing because it is fundamentally flawed and can’t allow “justice” to be determined by a fundamentally flawed and racist system.

My prayer is that maybe this can start the humanization of incarcerated folks and understanding how one moment shouldn’t define your entire life.

This system isn’t working. #AbolishPolicing#AbolishPrisons#LetsCreateSomethingNew

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  1. Thank you for this, ShaRhonda. Opened my eyes to a range of truths I hadn’t thought of before.

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