Racism PSA:

You are probably complicit in racism…

If you are White, and nothing in your life has changed since George Floyd and/or Breonna Taylor were murdered.

If you are relatively unbothered in your daily life. If you are still talking with your racist friends/family and/or supporting racist businesses (yup, you, Cub fans. The owner is terrible and gave Trump millions! I know, I know…this is why this stuff is hard!)

Basically, fighting racism is a massive war that requires lots of questions, action, personal and professional changes, and it is, unfortunately, exhausting. If you are relaxed, you are most likely not doing anything to stop racism; which means you are complicit in your role of benefiting from an oppressive system.

I don’t believe many White folks care about stopping racism because in the words of prophet James Baldwin, “I can’t believe what you say, because I see what you do.”

Doing nothing is doing something.

You have to do something to claim yourself as someone who is against racism.

Just saying “I am against racism” isn’t being against racism.

Do something.

Have a great weekend! #DebbyDowner#ButItIsTruth#IfYourAreFundingTheRevolutionRanByBlackRanOrganizationsYouGetAPass#ButLikeDonatingMillions#Otherwise#GetToWorkErradicatingRacism

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