It is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS, and I don’t owe anyone this information besides my doctors, but since Texas wants to act an ass, here it is…

1) There are people like me that having a pregnancy will likely kill, because of pre-existing health issues/risks. My last pregnancy almost killed me and is the reason I am permanently disabled now.

2) There are women like me that have illnesses that make us unable to take birth control.

3) Most adults have sex, and there are times when condoms break. I am a grown-ass woman, and having sex is a normal part of life.

4) My hospital restricted me from getting my tubes tied after my pregnancy, which almost killed me because of their “religious freedoms.” The value of a potential baby was more valuable than my actual life.

5) ALL OF MY DOCTORS wanted, but were legally unable, to either give me a life-saving abortion OR do a surgery that would prevent pregnancy from happening in the future. Even the doctors with the same religious background as me, the doctors that prayed to the same as God as me, the doctors that fought to keep me alive, all wanted to, but were legally restricted from saving my life, because “one day I might get pregnant, and that potential life was more important than my actual life.”

6) I only got “reproductive control” after I got several cysts and fibroid on both my uterus and ovaries that were potentially cancerous. Because uterine and ovarian cancer runs in my family, and after THREE surgical procedures, they could not rule out cancer, I was “allowed” a hysterectomy.

7) If I had been raped, I would have been forced to have my rapist baby and/or possibly die because of what the pregnancy would do to my body.

8) Women are not entitled to health insurance, so all the costs accrued related to their reproduction, including serious hospitalizations, are their personal responsibility. My medical bills in total for Maya were close to a million dollars.

As a woman in America, in 2021, I am not free. Until women control their bodies, we are enslaved. BASICALLY, the ONLY people who should have the right to decide what medical procedures I have, including abortions, are my damn medical team and me. Women will NEVER be free until we can control our reproduction rights.


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