The most common form of permanent brokenness I’ve seen in women has to do with pregnancy-related issues. From miscarriages (1-3 pregnancies end with miscarriage) to infertility, to abortions, to pregnancy complications both during and after, every woman that has experienced issues with pregnancy, and that is almost every adult woman I know is traumatized.

Permanently traumatized.

If you know of a woman who has lost a baby, you already know how terrible an experience it is to have pregnancy complications. Women deal with this trauma privately and with their trusted loved ones.

These new laws that make public input on women’s reproductive rights and their traumas are the epitome of evil. Women will fight for our right to deal with our personal health and trauma issues, personally.

There is no reason any man, any institution, and damn sure no politician should have any say in the decisions of a woman and her body.

Lastly, pregnancy is still the most common killer for women worldwide. In spite of all the risks, women still choose to risk their lives to have children. Let us, women, decide when and where we are willing to risk our lives for new life. Especially when you, politicians and institutions, offer little to no support to women after the delivery.

This is not pro-life; this is forced pregnancy.

Enough. This shit has to stop.

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