The constant coverage of carjackings in Chicago Black men is racist propaganda used to justify the Mayor hiring more police officers in Chicago and a $9 million police training center. Talking about “lawless Black youth” is a way for the elected officials to invest money in policing instead of policies like housing, food, health care, and education.

This is how we got “stop and frisk” and “loitering” laws.

This is why we have the highest prison population of ANY country, including China, Russia, or Iran, where crime is statistically higher.

This shit is game to them. They don’t really care about Black safety. They just know if they can convince enough of us to be fearful of Black males, they can continue to expand the police state.

Crime is complicated and the answers are complex. But, for sure, the answer is not more police and more Black men in prison.

We have to stop falling for the same tricks. We can’t ever beat racism, with actual equitable policies, because they have distracted with bullshit like “super-predators” and “car-jackings.”

We have to WAKE UP!

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